New Toon Blast Cheats are here

Toon Blast Cheats are here for you so you can start getting Coins that you need to pass the levels and be the first in your clan! With these coins, you will be able to spend them if you need a few extra moves at the end of the level so you can pass it. These coins will come in great if you decide to play levels when the “Clan chest” is active so you can level up fast, get more points for your clan and get that clan chest really fast! Let’s show you how can you use the tool and get those coins that you need.

The new Toon Blast Cheats for generating Coins

These are the new cheats on the market right now as more and more people want to use them as it’s only normal because coins can cost a lot of money (in-app purchase can go up to $99). You can get these coins for free if you decide to use our generator. Now, with these Toon Blast Cheats, you can’t pass levels but you can get the coins which you can then use to get extra moves at the end of every level. So now that you know what these cheats do, it is time to show you how can you get the coins that you want.


If you would like to see everything rather than reading, you should watch the video below and everything well is explained in the video. But don’t worry, if you can’t watch it or don’t want to, I will write all the steps you need here. So, let’s get started so you can get those coins:

  1. go to our generator page (click here or the links below and above)
  2. now that you are there, enter the name that you are using in the game
  3. now select or enter how much coins do you want
  4. press the button “Start” or “Generate” and wait for about 30 seconds until the generator finishes the job
  5. now you will probably be prompted to complete the process, simply press the button “Complete” and you are done
  6. open up your game on your device (close it first if you opened it before), wait a few seconds and you will see the coins in your game

That is pretty much it. 6 simple steps in order to get a lot of coins in return by using our Toon Blast Cheats. We can assure you that these work perfectly on all devices (PC, Mac, tablets and phones) so you can access this generator on all your devices and generate for another device, as long as you write the correct name in the tool. You can use these Toon Blast Cheats to surprise your friends. Simply enter their username in the game and complete the process. The next time they open up the game, they will see a lot of coin in their account and you will be the one to thank.

You can use this tool a few times a day without a problem, but you can also generate a lot of coins in the first try so you don’t have to come back every time you need some extra coins. Generate a lot so you will be safe and get as many extra moves as you need in order to complete the level.

That is it. If you need help, leave a comment below and we will respond to you and if you like this tool, please consider sharing this website with your friends on social media so more people are aware of this website, that would help us a lot. Thank you and have fun spending all these coins!