Why is Toon Blast the new king in mobile gaming

Many of us are playing Toon Blast and that is not because they marketed their product good, it’s beucase the product is actually good. Candy Crush was the king (and made by King company) for a long time, but there is a new sherif in Town and the name is Toon Blast.

What is good in Toon Blast?

Well, first of all, there is almost zero time limited levels. I, just like many people around the world, hate levels that put a time limit as it is almost impossible to pass them and that’s done with a purpose – purpose to buy a booster from the store so you can actually pass the levels. Toon Blast doesn’t do that. They are very creative and they came up with many different level designes wihouth the need of putting the time limit in the levels.

Another good thing they did differently than most of the games that were popular back in the day is that they didn’t add the slide and switch method. In Toon Blast you only need to tap the blocks that are the same color and that way you complete levels. No need to match the same color items.

One more thing they did differently for example from Candy Crush is that there is no need to send Facebook requests to refill your lives. In Toon Blast, that is really simple. Join a club, ask people from the club to give you lives and that is it. No need to go to a social network, clicking the notification, waiting for the game to load and then getting the life that you need. Toon Blast did a great thing there and I think that is really important with all of today’s technology as every website and program wants to connect to your Facebook account.

What is Toon Blast doing bad?

There in common thing that these game developers doing wrong and that is that they have a really big imagination. This is mostly good, but in these types fo games, it is not that good. They come with really wild level desings and sometimes it gets really confusing for a casual game as they combine multiple problmes from other levels. This is often good, you can so much fun by combining the problems from other levles, but adding too much will be a problem for most gamers.


There are many different games online today to choose from and you will problaby find a good one for you, but Toon Blast is my favorite right now and I think if you give it a shout, you just might like it as well. You can try it here for Android and here of the iOS.

Games like Toon Blast that you might like

Toon Blast is fun and all, but if you played a hard level and you got stuck, I bet that you got frustrated. Now, there are a few games that are like Toon Blast and made by the same people! Let’s get started!

Toy Blast

Toy Blast is a fun game that is almost the same as Toon Blast. They have a very similar name as well. The gameplay is the same and the only thing that is different is the design. Once you play a few levels, you will feel that Toon Blast feeling. This game has almost 2 million reviews on Google Play and you should at least try it. They have 4.7 rating which is really high! The best thing about this game is that you can play it on a lot of different devices!

Google Play




Lost Bubble – Bubble shooter

This game is a bit different than other games by Peak Games. You have bubbles at the top of the screen and at the bottom of the screen you have your bubble gun. From there, you shoot bubbles that will match the colors at the top. 3 or more bubbles of the same color will break. You will need to clear the top screen in order to progress. This may seem easy, but every move that you don’t destroy some bubbles, you will get one extra row. If you don’t destroy bubbles fast enough, you will lose. The game is fun and it feels great when you complete a level. Each level gets just a bit harder and that is great, it keeps challenging you. This game has over 150, 000 reviews on Google Play and it is pretty popular among my friends and we play it often.

Google Play



Final words

If you need a break from your main game, just play something else. In Toon Blast you need to wait until you get your lives back and while you’re waiting, you can easily play some other games to keep your mind entertained and these 2 games are a fun and easy to play. Give them a try.